Here’s Your Guide To Getting A Proxy Server


Anonymity has become an essential factor while on the internet, but everyone has different reasons. Either they want to be discreet or do not want hackers hacking their server or some other reason. There are several ways to become anonymous on the web, but there’s nothing better than using a proxy server. If you are looking to get your hands on a proxy server, you can explore the service providers around you or even online.

But, before we understand the reasons as to why you need to use a proxy server, let’s firstly understand the what of a proxy server.

So, what is a proxy server?

We have all heard about the gateway, which acts as a door in between things. Similarly, a proxy server is a cover and door of anonymity between you and the web. It is a filter or an intermediator that doesn’t let any requests or outputs get channeled to your server directly. Exactly, like a filter, it filters the requests and analyzes them for safety threats and other security threats. In a shorter definition, the proxy server will act and function on your behalf and mask the request’s source.

There are several benefits of using a proxy server; let’s talk about them now

What are the benefits of getting a proxy server?

  • Security- This is the most crucial and the most widely known benefit of a proxy server. Proxy means having someone else represent you, in the same way, a proxy server represents your server and masks your IP address. It also acts as a firewall and protects you from websites that pose malware and virus threats. Without using a proxy server, your IP address becomes vulnerable to threats and hacks and can be hacked by hackers. Aside from commercial use, the proxy server can get used for individual purposes as well.
  • Incognito- The literal meaning of proxy is masking and pretending, using a proxy server will help you browse, stream, and do any other web activity privately. Moreover, it will help you keep your IP address private. And, it will also help you avoid unwanted and frankly interrupting advertisements.
  • Proxy location- A proxy server helps you mask your location or even access information, websites, and other server and location-specific details. If your country does not allow you to access particular websites due to some server restrictions, using a proxy server will allow you to view and use that information.
  • Restrict- If a proxy server can permit you to view anything and everything, specific servers that get used commercially can stop you from viewing certain websites that may result in distractions. These get used by offices and commercial organizations to prevent their employees from accessing non-work-related sites.
  • Easy to use- The only effort you need to put in is to install the right proxy server that fits your requirements, and that’s all you can begin to use. Moreover, the installation process is easy, and all you need to do is follow the necessary steps.