Acme PS407 portable speakers with IPX7 protection


Designers have done a good job on the appearance of this portable speaker system. Its body is not a cylinder, but a triangular prism, at the base of which is a triangle with strongly rounded corners. These three faces are not flat, but slightly convex, so the column is unstable on a flat surface. However, on most advertising images, it does not lie, but stands (if marketers have not read Freud, then they have definitely heard something somewhere), but the correct location of the stereo speakers is still horizontal-left and right.

The entire body, except for the ends and the control panel, is covered with a fabric mesh. I’m not sure that this is practical, especially when used outdoors – the mesh structure will retain dust and small debris. But it looks nice, solid, the column feels good in the hand and does not slip out. An eye with a string threaded through it next to it serves for attaching to clothing or, for example, a backpack.

The ends of the case are interestingly designed – they are mounted on a rubber suspension with beautiful silver plugs that vibrate when the acoustics work, like the diffusers of speakers. But these are not speakers, but so – called passive emitters: they have a diffuser, but no driver-a magnet and a coil. Being, in fact, a more progressive alternative to the phase inverter, this emitter improves the frequency response (amplitude-frequency response) of the acoustics, but at the same time allows you to do without unnecessary holes in the housing.


The PS407 can connect to a phone using the HSP/HFP profiles for voice communication, A2DP/AVRCP for listening to music, and PBAP for transmitting the caller’s number, but this audio system does not have a display for displaying contacts. The” phone ” communication channel also transmits information about the battery level, which is displayed graphically in the switch panel and more accurately, as a percentage, in the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

Impressions from use

Of course, I did not expect high accuracy, clarity and detailed sound from the 44.5 mm diameter speakers located next to each other. First impression – ” wow, what a bass!” But then you notice that deep basses are played weakly, or even lost at all, basses a little higher, on the contrary, are overly amplified, often they are and if there are so many of them in the recording-it may be too much.

There are no complaints about the volume. It is regulated separately on the phone and the speaker, from the point of view of sound quality, it is desirable both there and there not to bring to the maximum. The rubber buttons have a clear click, but are too tight, so I set the speaker level to about 3/4 of the maximum, and controlled the volume from the phone.

The claimed 2 x 5 W are worked out honestly. The speaker easily sounds the interior of the car on the move, covering the noise of the air conditioner turned on at an average power, it is also more than enough for voicing the workplace at a computer that does not have its own acoustics, or a laptop whose sound you do not like.

Autonomy fully (so that from full charge to zero) could not be tested, but over the last three days of testing, the speaker worked for about 12 hours, including about 2 hours at full volume, and during this time the battery charge decreased from 80% to 30%. In other words, the stated 25 hours of operation at medium volume are quite real.

Dust and moisture protection

It is declared IPX7 class, which means full protection from dust and the ability to stay under water at a depth of up to 1 meter for half an hour. On the last day before returning the test device, I decided to drown it (for the first time, by the way, in the entire history of gadget writing). Well, “drown” is a big word, just poured water into a small container and put a column there. It was immediately clear that the protection from diving to some depth was excessive, because the column was lighter than water. She sank about half-way, turned something heavy in the body (probably the battery) down, and calmly swam, without ceasing to play. When I submerged it completely, I saw air bubbles coming out of the gap between the fabric upholstery and the plastic part at the end of the case, and I didn’t dare go on.


ACME PS407-a good portable speaker with outstanding sound quality for its class, catchy appearance and long battery life. The solution used in its design (passive emitters) is interesting both from a design and technical point of view, and the dust and moisture protection allows you not to worry about the system’s performance in any conditions.