VLC player-additional features


The famous cross-platform media player VLC often pleases with its updates and new features. A huge number of users do not even know that this program can be used not only to view videos, but also to perform many other tasks.

The new extension Manager makes it much easier to get completely new features that many people previously had to download from the official portal and install mechanically. Despite the fact that this function works in test mode, there is already a huge number of extensions that can easily “rock” the player’s functionality.

Converting files

With the rapid spread of various compact devices with different technical parameters, the problem of converting multimedia files from one format to another has become more urgent than ever.you can easily cope with it using this application. You only need to open the program, press Ctrl+R, select only 1 or a couple of objects that require processing on the “File” tab, and click ” Convert/SaveĀ».

Next, enter the name of the resulting file, select the appropriate format for data compression, and enable processing by clicking the “Start”button.

Viewing RAR files

With VLC, you can view a Packed video, and you can even rewind it. If the file is Packed in several archives at once, just download the first part (part001.rar ), and the program itself will “pull up” the remaining parts and demonstrate the entire file.

Remote player management

Another useful feature of VLC is the ability to control the program from a distance via the web interface. Its advantage is that any computing device connected to the LAN with a browser installed, whether it is a regular mobile phone or tablet, can act as a DPU.

Video and audio effects

VLC can instantly convert media content using the filters and effects provided. You can configure them very easily by going to Tools -> Effects and filters. Among many other important features, you can select the built-in equalizer, compression of image settings, dynamic range (makes the sound louder), framing, eliminating the desynchronization of video and audio signals, a variety of filters to remove flicker, and so on.various artistic filters and effects are also available.

Photo viewer

Designed to work with multimedia files, VLC easily handles many other tasks. Thanks to the provided support for various graphic file formats, the player can be used as a regular image viewer, which perfectly complements the above-mentioned features of the application.

Viewing videos from YouTube

Everyone probably knows that to view videos from this portal, you need a browser, as well as an installed Adobe Flash plugin. It turns out that you can easily view videos from a video portal without them using this player, you only need to know the network address of the video.


Currently, VLC developers continue to surprise users with their necessary, or just interesting features that they give their product. The most important thing is the simplicity and versatility of this program, which made the media player one of the most famous in the world. If you are suddenly ready to report a feature that you think should be available, then perhaps you should write to the authors of the program so that they include it in the new version.