The path of wealth. How do I earn a lot of money?


Many people do not like rich people, but almost everyone wants to get rich, everyone is looking for the path of wealth. In General, the desire for wealth can be called natural, because the presence of a large amount of money in the current account guarantees a stable future. Stability is always the key to peace of mind, and tranquility is the normal state, everything in our world strive for it, ranging from molecules to social systems.

The old way of wealth

The head was in honor, he was given various gifts for receiving favors and as a result, against the background of others, he was rich, and lived the best of all and his prosperous future was in principle guaranteed. The next method of obtaining wealth was robbery. A gang gathered and went to Rob someone. Then they began to get rich on trade and financial transactions. In the late 19th and early 20th century, wealth was amassed through the ownership of factories, factories, and other similar assets.

At the end of the 20th century, so-called information technologies began to bring wealth.the most famous representative of this era is bill gates, who for a long time occupied the first place in the list of the rich according to Forbes, having a fortune approaching 100 billion us dollars at the best of times. For such money, you could buy a lot of things, including some small country, and this, you will agree, is worth it to strive for wealth.

How to get rich in modern conditions

The new 21st century has arrived. Its beginning is characterized by the fact that particularly smart representatives of humanity manage to get rich on the previous topic, in other words, on information technologies. However, this theme is becoming obsolete, and a new theme – ideas-takes its place. An idea is the path of wealth. It is on the generation and promotion of new ideas that new riches are now created, while other areas of business only allow you to “maintain your pants”.

Thus, we can say that now the way to get rich is to create and promote ideas. Some representatives of humanity have already embarked on this path and amassed large fortunes, while others are just beginning to realize this fact. Awareness is very difficult, because there is still very little information about it, or rather almost none, and it seems that this path is available only to the “chosen”.

In fact, this path of wealth is available to everyone who knows about it. For this reason, in order not to create excessive competition, those who know about it prefer not to talk about how they got rich. They know very well that as soon as the masses find out about what you can really make money on now, the crowd will immediately rush into this new area of business and then it may not be as profitable as it is now.

New path of wealth

If awareness has occurred, then it becomes easier. Then you just need to get some good idea and start promoting it. Of course, it is not easy to promote an idea, it is much more difficult to do this than to work on the demand that has already been created. However, if you can “raise” real pennies on the created demand, which is hardly enough to pay current bills, then you can make fortunes on the promotion of ideas, the analysis of the Apple brand is a good confirmation of this.

Moreover, States are made completely without strain, in contrast to those hellish conditions in which pennies are made when working with ready demand. If you need to work almost 25 hours a day in order to earn something from the ready demand, then you need much less time when working with ideas.some people manage to invest 10 hours a week. It is clear that the rest of the time can be devoted to your favorite activities, shopping, recreation, children or the second half.

A new branch of business that consists in generating and promoting ideas is a very closed topic and for this reason there is very little information on this topic and even less available technology. This is understandable, because no one wants to share the chicken that lays the Golden eggs. The only available for all technology is eMarketing.